Is Natural Teeth Whitening for Real?


In a final decade or two, there is a renewed desire for natural methods. Be it health, medicine or farming, people prefer natural methods and ingredients over synthetic ones now largely due to long term outcomes of synthetic products on the human body.

This interest has generated a huge niche for consumer goods made out of natural materials.

And industry is thriving today.

For a very long time, the only method to whiten your teeth in your house was to use carbamide peroxide based synthetic products which essentially bleach your teeth.

These backpacks are a toned down version with the high strength bleaches that dentists use.

But long lasting and unmonitored utilization of peroxide might cause significant injury to the enamel in the teeth. Not to forget the truth that it
idol white may you could make your teeth and mouth extremely painful and sensitive.

So, natural whitening products arrived which has a promise of an even better and safer substitute for peroxide based products.

We usually are not talking about rubbing lime juice or strawberries or banana peel on your own teeth. These are home teeth bleaching products but made from completely natural ingredients.

Natural Teeth Whitening Products

There may be a wide range of natural teeth products being launched in the UK because in the EU ruling that banned the sale of home tooth whitening kits containing peroxide.

Post September 2012, if a person wishes to whiten or bleach their teeth in the UK having a peroxide based product, next the only option could be to go to a dentist and spend more money than A£500.

A lots of these natural products have recently been introduced in to the United States Market at the same time.

And if initial sales and testimonials are going to go by, they’ll likely are equally effective in helping whiten enamel as their synthetic counterparts. And they usually do not cause any sensitivity whatsoever.

The big question remains that in case they usually do not contain a tooth bleaching ingredient, just how can they whiten tooth?

Common Ingredients

Here is really a list of ingredients which one commonly sees in natural home whitening teeth products.

Pomegranate Extract: Pomegranate is now being touted being a wonder fruit that may be rich in antioxidants. The reason why Pomegranate extracts are located in natural whitening kits is really because it helps eliminate plaque and enhances the whitening process.

Sodium Bicarbonate: Possibly the only ingredient besides hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide that may whiten enamel easily. If a whitening teeth kit contains this, then you can definitely be feel comfortable knowing that it works.

Fillers: These are things that are included in enhance the overall value with the product. While they probably won’t directly influence the whitening power on the product, they improve the effectiveness by reduction of oral problems, protecting the gums and removing disease causing bacteria.

Do Natural Teeth Whiteners work?

Yes. They do.

They may well not be as effective or as speedily acting as peroxide based bleaches. But they could possibly be safer on your teeth ultimately.

And if you’ve experienced the burning of gums or extreme teeth sensitivity caused caused by peroxide, than the will be the smart choice.


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